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We are delighted to be continuing our long-standing partnership with Dandara, the proud sponsor of the 2021 Harbour2Harbour Walk – a title it has held for five years!

It takes months of planning and preparation to organise this event and Dandara does not just offer its financial support, but is also a fantastic help behind the scenes – helping to get the word out and ensure the day is a great success.

Established for more than 30 years, Dandara is a major supporter of a wide range of community events in the Isle of Man and we are grateful to have such a meaningful association with this local homebuilding company.

It is only thanks to Dandara’s generous ongoing support that the 2021 Harbour2Harbour Walk is able to go ahead. Thank you Dandara!

Southern Nomads SPort Erin, often referred to simply as SPort Erin, is a charity established in 2007 by Southern Nomads rugby club with the aim of providing recreational facilities for the community of the South of the island - in particular, for the younger community. In 2019, after many years of fundraising, the charity was able to help provide financial support to the rugby club as work began on the Ballakilley site to create a new sports ground. Since then, work has continued, and we finally have a fully working sports facility for the Island’s Southern community. The site is now up and running, and providing regular weekly training sessions for young rugby players aged 5-16.

SPort Erin have worked with the Harbour2Harbour Walk since its inception in 2014. This association has played a significant part in the fundraising efforts of the charity over the years. The funds raised from this year’s Castletown to Port Erin walk will allow for further investment in the equipment used in the youth coaching sessions.

Southern Nomads are proud to consider themselves a close partner of the annual Harbour2Harbour walk, an event which allows the club to demonstrate its close relationship with the entire community of the South of the Isle of Man. The charity and Southern Nomads wish all the walkers a great day, and hope to see this annual community event continue to thrive and grow for many years to come.


Every year the event has been supported by the Rushen Emergency Ambulance, who are on hand in case of any medical emergencies or incidents.  This year our raffle will be raising additional monies for them as a thank you for their continued presence and support.


Rushen Emergency Ambulance are based in Port Erin and provide:


  • A 24 hour / 365 day team of volunteer Community First Responders

  • Public Access Defibrillators

  • First Aid cover for local community events


First Responders are volunteers providing 24-hour round-the-clock coverage for the south of the island, and each responder is issued with their own personal kit, paid for entirely by donations to Rushen Emergency Ambulance.  They are trained to respond to specific categories of 999 calls and are despatched by the island’s Emergency Services Joint Control Room.

To a patient who has suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, time is one of the most important factors for their survival. By being spread throughout the community which they serve, First Responders are often the first people on the scene to provide valuable emergency care.


If you’re holding an event, want to know more about what they do, or find out how you can get involved, please contact them on and Liz will be happy to help you.

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